Where’s the best place to find Russian girls in Bangkok?

Whenever someone asks about Russian girls in Thailand, some people respond by asking

Why would you come to Thailand looking for Russian girls?

I agree, it doesn’t really make sense and Bangkok (nor Thailand overall) isn’t the best place to find Russian girls.

Russian Girls in Bangkok

Many of the supposedly Russian girls in Bangkok aren’t Russian – they are Eastern European, or from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan … as long as you believe they’re Russian and have a good time, no problem.

In understand where you’re coming from.

Perhaps you’ve explored Bangkok nightlife for 2 weeks straight, been with a different Thai girl every night and now you want something different.

Instead of a tiny Asian girl, you’re tempted to meet a tall blonde, Russian woman.

Before you venture out to find a Russian girl in Bangkok, there are a few things you must know:

Russian Girls in Bangkok are more expensive than their Thai counterparts. It’s not uncommon that they charge 2x as much.

Many Russian-looking girls aren’t from Russian

There are no Russian massage parlors or bars in Bangkok

Don’t expect a girlfriend experience (GFE) as you’d get with a Thai girl

Meeting Russian girls in Bangkok happens in secrecy. Obviously, they aren’t allowed to work there, such as in bars or Bangkok massage parlors,so they resort to hotel rooms, online escort services and the-like.

Russian Escorts Bangkok

If you go online looking for Russian escorts in Bangkok, you’ll quickly discover that most charge 6,000+ Thai Baht ($190 USD) for 90 minutes.

Russian Escorts Bangkok

Thai escorts typically go for half that price (3,500 Thai Baht for 2 hours).

Bangkok Escorts Online

Another issue is that you never know what you’re getting in terms of the quality of the girls and service provided.

Smooci is an escort booking platform on which customers can leave reviews and pictures of each girl are verified.

There’s no such platform for Russian girls in Bangkok – each escort agency has their own website on which it can (potentially) use fake reviews and images.

Russian Girls VS. Thai Girls

As mentioned above, Russian girls are different. Thai girls tend to be warm, submissive and very eager to provide a real girlfriend experience.

That’s not going to happen with a Russian or Eastern European working girl in Bangkok.

Those girls tend to be more mechanical, business-oriented and often times unwilling to kiss or let you do anything other than standard sex.

If you’re okay with all of that (and willing to pay a premium), let’s talk about where to actually find Russian girls in Bangkok.

Where to find Russian Girls in Bangkok?

Many ‘Bangkok-experts’ will tell you that Soi 4 (where Nana Plaza is located) is a great place for picking up Russian freelancers.

Technically, they are right. There are some Russian and Eastern European women standing around … but quality isn’t exactly great.

The types of girls you’ll find there are 40+ Russian MILFs, slightly overweight and with half a pound of make up on their faces.

I’m guessing not what you’re looking for. You’re probably looking for a girl that matches the following criteria:

Tall, blonde, pretty face, slim and with big boobs.

In other words, a girl like her …

Russian Girls Bangkok

… and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t be willing to pay a premium for a girl this hot?

However, the Russian women you find on the streets of Bangkok look more like this (if you’re lucky):

Russian Milf Bangkok

40+ years old and slightly overweight. If you’re okay with that, then look no further than Soi 4 in Bangkok.

There’s also Grace Hotel at Soi 4 in which some of the Russian hookers hide in hotels rooms which you’re being escorted to if you wait in the lobby.

Again, quality is about the same and you won’t find absolute hotties there.

The best & easiest way to spend a night with a Russian model in Bangkok is by going to the Ekamai Bus Terminal, take a trip down to Pattaya, and find a Russian girl there.

I know, probably not the answer you wanted to hear.

You were probably looking for some secret spot in Bangkok that is home to all the hot Russian girls. Other than taking a gamble with Russian escorts in Bangkok (online), no such place exists.

You’re better of going to Walking Street in Pattaya where you find a bunch of Russian gogo bars and night clubs – including those with very hot Russian talent!

In fact, you don’t even need to go to strip clubs, you can go to regular night clubs and find Russian girls like these willing to talk to you.

Russian Models Bangkok

Just get a table or a big bottle of Vodka and invite them over 🙂

If that’s not an option for you, the best nightlife venue to meet Russian girls in Bangkok would be MIXX Discotheque Bangkok.

They have Russian dancers and regular Russian girls there. The remainder of the visitors are mostly Thai freelancers.

Russian Girls Living in Bangkok

I am assuming that you’re looking for a Russian working girl – you don’t want to invest time and money to get to know a regular Russian girl, go on dates … you don’t have time for that during a short Thailand vacation.

However, if you want to meet normal Russian girls either living or on holiday in Bangkok, you can visit the following hotspots

Khaosan Road


The Next (on top of LeFenix hotel)

Soi 11 (Club Levels)

A word of warning in regards to Club Levels at Soi 11. There are many Thai ladyboys and I’ve even seen Russian ladyboys there.

If you’re drunk it’s hard to tell that they’re not real women and in the case of Russian ladyboys, you might feel safe thinking no such thing exists in Thailand.

To sum up: Go to Pattaya for actual hot Russian girls!