When it comes to online dating in Thailand, you might be wondering which options you have.

To give you a quick overview, the following sites/apps are popular:

Tinder in Thailand



That’s about it. There are a few smaller online dating sites but they are often not worth signing up as the quantity of Thai girls is low.

 Generally-speaking, ALL of these sites work – have real Thai girls eager to meet foreigners like you. That’s the good news.

 The not-so-good news is that there is quite a lot of competition. It’s not like you are the only foreigner on the site and hundreds of girls will message you instantly. That was perhaps the case a few years ago, but not anymore.

Before you decide to do online dating in Thailand, you need to have the right expectations – otherwise you’ll end up frustrated sooner or later.

In terms of expectations, you need to realize that while you can easily meet girls and cute girls as well, there aren’t many stunners on those sites.

By ‘stunners’, I am talking hot models/playmates, etc.

Unrealistic expectations are your worst enemy. You won’t find this quality of girl via online dating:

Hot Thai Girl

Here’s the type of girl you can easily meet doing online dating in Thailand. Very cute, but you wouldn’t instantly say, ‘Holy sh*t!’.

ThaiFriendly Girls

If you are OK with that, then you will have a great time exploiting ThaiFriendly, Tinder and Co.

If you are NOT OK with that, then I recommend you spend your time exploring Bangkok nightlife, which is where you will find absolute stunners.

Yes, you will have to pay but at least you get exactly what you are looking for.

Which Thai Dating Site is Best?

Each site/app has a different demographic of girls.

You can decide to use all of these Thailand dating sites, or focus on one. Tinder has mostly younger girls, while on ThaiFriendly, you also find women which are above 40.

ThaiFriendly Premium allows you to message any girl on the site, while Tinder only allows you to message your matches.

In terms of time/effort, you can automate both via tools, such as macros/autoclicker.

In short, there are 3 things you need to optimize in order to get superior results using online dating in Thailand.

1. Profile Pictures

Have you ever heard the saying, ‘You can’t outwork a bad diet?’.

Well in the same way, if you have bad profile pictures, you can’t fix them by writing a witty profile text.

Think about it, it would be the equivalent of an unattractive girl with great personality. You’d still not be interested.

Your profile pictures should be taken with a DSLR and not come across as try-hard. Show yourself during various activities to convey the idea that you have an interested lifestyle -> are an interesting guy.

It’s not about being good-looking. It’s about looking good. Big difference.

That’s really it in terms of profile pictures. It’s better to upload 3 great profile pictures than 10 of which 7 are so-so.

2. Profile Text

Your profile pictures are half the rent. The profile text will either solidify the positive first impression or be a deal-breaker.

Again, think about how you’d perceive a girl with great pictures but a weird profile text. You’d be sceptical and probably pass …

Don’t write anything stupid in the profile text – if you are unsure it’s better to leave it blank and let the pictures do the talking.

3. First Message

In terms of importance, the first message is like the profile text. Play it safe, you don’t want to ruin that good first impression.

Never. Ever. Turn the conversation sexual – in my experience, that is the biggest turn-off for girls. Then you are literally like every other guy out there.

The reason why you can keep the first message simple is because the girl is already interested based on your pictures. You don’t need to ‘convince’ her through text.

At some point, it’s smart to move the conversation forward and suggest to meet up. I like to do that rather quickly within the first 10 messages exchanged.

After all, I am not here to chat online but to meet someone in person.

Online Dating Costs

Tinder in Thailand has a free version and so does ThaiFriendly.

If you are not willing to spend a few dollars, you can still meet girls using these online dating platforms.

However, their functionality is rather limited and you will end up wasting a lot of time. Automation via macro/autoclicker is also not possible.

Tinder only allows you to swipe 50 times per day. That’s definitively not enough.

ThaiFriendly only allows 1 message every 15 minutes. Plus, you can’t contact the most popular girls.

I recommend signing up for the paid version – both come with a money back guarantee.

Once you are upgraded, you can bulk message girls, which is absolutely necessary.

Let me repeat that: You must bulk message.

The idea that you message one or two hot girls you like and they meet up with you right away is unrealistic.

If you want a date on the same day, you need to send out at least 15-20 messages. If you do that with the free version, it means having to wait 15 minutes between each message.

If you are not willing to upgrade on any of the online dating platforms you use, then results will most definitely come much slower.

Thai Girls Online Dating

Let’s talk about the results. What quality of girl can you actually (realistically) meet via online dating in Thailand?

Given that you’ve optimized everything (pictures, profile, etc.), here’s a good baseline.

Thai Friendly Girls

Keep in mind, contrast might skew your perception.

If you are coming from a place with lots of unattractive girls (perhaps overweight), then you will most likely find many Thai girls very attractive for the simple reason that they are petite and slim.

It will only be after you’ve been here and banged some that you begin to distinguish between truly attractive Thai girl and simply slim.

How Much Effort Should You Put in?

There is no definitive rule – I will tell you how I like to play it.

For me, there needs to be an advantage to online dating.

It’s either free, easy or both. If meeting with a girl I am talking to takes too much effort, then the appeal of online dating is lost.

Because in my book, effort = not easy = costs time = not free.

You see where I am going?

In short, if it’s too much of an effort and the girl isn’t extremely hot (to justify that effort), I will rather go pay for play – be more than happy to pay 1,500 Baht and have a similar experience (minus the headache).

There you have it. This is my person rule.

YOU CAN get hotter girls – and overall have an easier time meeting girls (getting them to meet up), but it requires a lot of effort which in my book eliminates the benefits of online dating.

Specifically, if you build up a solid Instagram/social media profile, you’ll have instant social proof and that alone makes online dating easier. Is it worth building up such a profile? For me, it isn’t …

Thailand Online Dating Scams

Don’t worry about scams too much.

A common concern guys have is that the girls they see online are bots.

‘It can’t be that easy. It can’t be that girls are messaging me and willing to meet up right away.’

This is Thailand, welcome!

It really is that easy. With that being said, there are a few things you should pay attention to when doing online dating in Thailand.

These are not scams per se but rather time-wasting traps.

1. Freelancers

First off, any online dating platform will have a number of freelancers on it. These are girls who use online dating to meet pay for play clients.

Most are not hardcore hookers which means if you meet and pay them, it’s not unlikely that they’ll meet for free in the future (assuming they like you).

I have also met freelancer girls entirely for free – it’s not too uncommon.

After all, these are regular girls just looking to earn a side income and if they like you, they will do all the fun stuff for free. It does happen – just don’t have any expectations.

In 9/10 cases there will not be any bad surprises. These girls will make it very clear, very early in the conversation that they are looking to earn money.

‘You want to meet me? You want me to come to you? Where do you stay?’

Any of those questions is indicative of a freelancer. It’s somewhat rare that a normal girl will be very proactive about meeting up.

2. Ladyboys

Ah, the good old ladyboys.

Any Thailand newbie’s worst nightmare. Newbies seem to worry about mistaking a ladyboy for a real Thai girl.

Most of these guys seem to have Black-and-White thinking. Either it can’t possibly be that the hot girl in front of them is not a real girl, or they suspect that EVERY girl is a ladyboy.

Let me tell you something: In most cases – even as a Thailand newbie – you will figure it out. In those rare cases in which even a Veteran like myself is unsure, you apply a surprisingly effective strategy: You pass.

It’s that easy, really.

In most cases, you know whether it’s a ladyboy or not. If you are unsure, you can take the risk or the smarter approach: move on to the next girl.

3. Time Wasters

Time-wasters are Thai girls who are mainly looking for a chat buddy, someone to talk to online – and practice English in the process.

It’s impossible to know beforehand but you should have a person limit in regards to how much time you invest in a girl before moving on.

If you’ve been talking to a girl online for a few days and she doesn’t seem eager to meet up, or constantly brings up excuses why she can’t go on a date – move on! There are plenty of alternatives.

How Long Until Sex?

Doing online dating in Thailand, how much time and effort do you need to invest to get the girl into bed? Again, it varies from girl to girl, but here’s roughly my experience.

Most guys make the mistake of thinking the longer they’ve been talking to a girl, the more solid the interaction is and the more likely the girl will hook up with them.

Not true, in my experience. Actually, the opposite is the case …

50% – Same Day

The percentage is probably higher, but these are girls I’ve messaged the same day (sometimes only a few hours before meeting up).

Makes sense – if the girl is just horny, she would be looking for someone right now – not for next week.

50% – Same Week

The remaining girls I’ve talked to anywhere form one to a few days beforehand. I can’t remember a case in which I’ve been talking to the girl for weeks and eventually met up.

Again, it goes back to my idea of keeping effort low, so I wouldn’t keep chatting with a girl online if there’s no chance of meeting up within a few days.

Raw Dogging Thai Girls

One tip: DON’T do it.

Your ego might tell you otherwise. Your ego might tell you that you are special, you are the first guy that banged her on the first date.

In reality, that’s a bit delusional.

Any girl that is comfortable meeting up and having sex with a random guy right away has likely done the same before. Hence, the reason she is comfortable to do so in the first place.

Just wrap it up.

More importantly, make sure to bring condoms to Thailand. Condoms you can get at the pharmacy and 7-Eleven are too small for most Western guys and selection is very, very limited.