There’s one item that will dramatically change how much fun you have in Thailand – particularly in the bedroom. And it’s an item that 99% of men have never even heard of.

More details later, but let’s address the elephant in the room first …

Do Thai Girls Like Big Size?

When you ask women directly, they will give you a socially-acceptable answer. Let’s disregard what they say and go by their reactions:

… and here’s another Thai girl …

… and another with a similar reaction.

To me, those reactions are indicative of curiosity & interest. In short: YES, they like big size.

However, there is one caveat: BIG IS RELATIVE.

This is where most guys get it absolutely wrong. Their idea of big is unrealistic, unattainable and frankly, a complete overkill.

What Thai (Asian) women consider big is what I will show you how to achieve. Regardless of your current size, I’ll show you how to add 1 extra inch to your length and girth.

And yes, I know that at this point you’re thinking it’s all bullshit. You’ve seen the ads on porn sites promising an extra 6 inches overnight by taking dick pills.

Look, the ads on porn sites are clearly a scam.

Those products don’t work. Anyone who believes it’s possible to add 6 inches is just naive. That’s NOT what I am talking about here – I am talking about a modest 1 inch added to your current size.

It’s just 1 inch but trust me, that extra inch is enough to SHOCK Thai girls – particularly if we’re talking about girth. She will 100% FEEL the difference 😉

So, what’s this item that will help you gain that 1 extra inch – easily and safely?


It’s called the Bathmate and it’s not some magic device that will make your penis grow for no reason.

Quite the opposite, it’s a medical device that’s proven to increase your size by using suction + water.

Essentially, it’s a sophisticated, fun to use water pump for your penis. You put it on in the shower or bathtub and create suction, which stretches the penis tissues.

Over time, the tissues adapt and grow bigger – much in the same way your muscles grow by lifting weights.

If there’s one item I could recommend to spice up your Thailand trip it would be this. It’s cheap, easy to use and girl(s) will definitely FEEL the difference 😉

Not only that, it also works for increasing your erection strength. I know because I’ve been using the Bathmate for a few years now (on and off).

Just a word of warning: If you use this device, you will also need to bring your own condoms to Thailand (which I recommend anyway).

ALL locally available condoms (7-Eleven, Boots, pharmacies) will be too small. The widest ones available are 59mm and those will probably not fit you.

There are 2 ways of using this device: I call them Growth & Pump.

Permanent Growth (Prior To Your Trip)

This would be to use it in the weeks and months prior to your Thailand trip to achieve permanent growth – that, plus to really boost the strength of your erections.

You use it multiple times per week for around 10 minutes and are ready to go.

Pre-SEX Pump (Instant, But Short Term)

This is when you use it right before sex for an impressive penis pump effect – to gain extra length and girth.

That pump will go away in a few hours but it doesn’t matter. All that matter is that you’re pumped while having sex.

If you don’t want to put in too much effort, then this is your best option to really shock the girl you are with.

Does It Work?

Yes, absolutely.

Like I said, you’ll be able to gain 1 extra inch which will make a massive difference in terms of looks and what the girl feels. This is really all it takes. Most guys’ thinking is too extreme.

They think they have to add an extra 5-6 inches to their size to really be impressive. Nope, not really the case.

 If you’re around average now and add and extra 1 inches (length + girth) most Thai (and Asian) girls will think you’re very big already. That’s what you want.

The Bathmate is fun to use and comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. If you want to take advantage of my exclusive discount, you can click the link here.

Questions Answered

Can I Travel with The Bathmate?

Absolutely. It comes in a nice case and you can even lock it. If anyone asks, just say it’s a medical device you need.

Is The Bathmate Safe To Use?

Yes, if you use it according the the instruction manual.

I Have Another Question!

All other question are answered in the extensive FAQ section here.