If you’re a single man visiting Bangkok, you should make experiencing a Soapy Massage a high priority.

These types of massages are fantastic and a unique experience every man should must have at least once.

Unlike indulging in Bangkok’s Nightlife and visiting the Red Light Districts of Bangkok, you can visit a Soapy Massage parlor at any time of the time.

Bangkok Soapy Massage

Sure, the widest selection of massage ladies will be available in the evening, but there are no issues in regards to going to the massage parlor early afternoon.

Bangkok Soapy Massage EXPLAINED

Maybe you’ve come here wondering what a Soapy Massage is, whether it’s for you or where to find one in Bangkok. I will answer all your questions – so sit back and relax 🙂

I’m assuming the most pressing question you have is: What Happens Inside A Soapy Massage Parlor?

Soapy Massages in Bangkok

Here’s what a visit looks like – from the moment you enter the Soapy to the time you leave (happily).

  1. Enter Soapy Massage. There is no cover or entrance fee.
  2. You’ll be greeted by the guy ‘in-charge’ (also called papasan).
  3. You will be escorted to the lobby in which you can sit down and have a drink (optional).
  4. In front of you is the fishbowl; basically women sitting behind a glass wall.
  5. Each massage girl has a number on her. If you see a girl who you like, you tell the papasan.
  6. Both, you and the girl walk up to reception and you pay for the Soapy Massage (it’s always up-front).
  7. The Thai massage lady grabs a towel and condoms and takes you to the room.
  8. Once inside the room, you get naked and take a shower. Sometimes, the girl will take a shower with you (and wash you), sometimes, you get to take a bath.
  9. Then the fun part begins … namely, the actual Soapy Massage, which takes place on an air mattress.
  10. The masseuse will slide up and down on you (with her naked body) and massage you that way. Yes, you get to touch her 🙂
  11. Next, you and the massage lady take a shower and move on to the final part of the Soapy Massage …
  12. … which is the Happy Ending 🙂 (No explanation needed here.)
  13. That’s it – the entire experience lasts around 60-90 minutes (depending on which package you’ve chosen).
  14. ‘Your’ lady walks back with you to reception and says good-bye.
  15. You leave the Soapy Massage parlor feeling like a new man!

Bangkok Soapy Massage Prices

Prices vary depending on a number of factors: massage parlor, time of the day, the girl you pick and which package you decide on.

Overall, a Soapy Massage will costs you between 2,000-3,500 Thai Baht ($64-112 USD). Most places charge 2,500 Thai Baht.

I mentioned that one factor that will determine the price of your massage is the lady you pick.

Bangkok Massage Girl

You see, most massage parlors have different tiers – the most attractive girls are also the most expensive. However, this is based on Thai standards of beauty which is somewhat different than the Western beauty standard.

This means, you might find that girls who you find very attractive are in the lower tier (inexpensive) simply because Thai men aren’t into that type of looks.

Conversely, you might be wondering why some of these average/weird looking girls are so expensive – now you know, it’s the Thai beauty standard. By ‘weird’ I mean somewhat of a ladyboy-ish look, which I don’t think most Western men prefer.

 CHEAPER ALTERNATIVE: You can also use online dating in Bangkok to find freelancers massage girls who are willing to come to your hotel/apartment and do a massage + happy ending there. It’ll only cost you around 1,500 Thai Baht.

Soapy Massage & Nuru Massage?

You can read more about the Bangkok Nuru Massage here. Whether you prefer one or the other is personal preference – both are very similar and the main difference is the gel being used.

The Soapy Massage is done with oil, the Nuru Massage with a special type of gel made from seaweed. I recommend you try both massages in Bangkok and see which one you prefer.

Best Soapy Massage in Bangkok

Bangkok has hundreds of massage places to choose from which makes it difficult to separate the good from the bad. Here are some of the Soapy Massages I’ve been to and can recommend to you.

Emmanual Soapy

Poseidon Soapy Massage

The Lord

Caesars Entertainment Complex

Eden Club Bangkok

Sadly, some of the best massage parlors (Annies Soapy Massage Bangkok, Nataree Massage) have been closed.

Soapy Massage FAQs

What if I don’t like any of the massage ladies?

You leave. There are no repercussions; you are not required to book a massage. The same holds true when it comes to gogo bars. You can enter these establishments, have a look and leave.

What type of Happy Ending is included?

Sex, but if you want a blow job or hand job only, that’s also possible. Simply let the massage girl know ahead of time.

Do I have to tip after the Soapy Massage?

Certainly not required, but if the girl did a great job, feel free to give a tip between 300-1000 Thai Baht.

How many shots (ejaculations) are included?

The standard is 1 shot but it really depends on the girl. If you want more than 1 shot, I recommend you ask before you book the massage.