If you’re looking to experience a naughty massage, then Bangkok is for sure the right place to go. Anything goes – Nuru massages, Soapy massages or a regular oil massage with a happy ending.

In that regard, Bangkok really is a single man’s playground. It’s cheap too.

Any of the bigger massage parlors you go to will offer all of the previously-mentioned massages, although Nuru and Soapy are the most popular ones.

What is a Nuru massage anyway and is the experience worth the money?

I’m guessing you have an idea about what to expect – either you’ve watched Nuru massage clips on adult video sites or read reviews on a Bangkok-related sites. Great!

Before we dive into the specifics of a Nuru massage (prices, where to go), I absolutely need to bust 2 very common myths.

1. It will be a p*rn-like experience.

A Nuru massage can be an awesome experience. The girl can be totally into you. Yes, regardless of the fact that she’s getting paid for the service.

However, in all probability, what you see in clips online isn’t realistic in regards to expectations.

A movie is scripted, in real life the girl might not look perfect, plus some of the massage parlors have very young (teen) girls that are still quite inexperienced.

2. It’ll be great. [random guy online] said so!

I’ve tested massage parlors that I’ve read about online. In 9/10 cases, the experience didn’t live up to my expectations. I’m not saying you won’t have a good time but always be aware of overly positive reviews.

Some guys are happy with an average looking girl and based on their perception, the Nuru massage might’ve been “mind-blowing” while you might have only considered it okay, or good enough to blow off steam.

What’s a Nuru Massage?

If you have this picture (see below) on your mind, then you were just about spot-on. Air mattress, loads of Nuru gel and a happy ending. Those are the essential components of a classical Nuru massage.

A Nuru massage is very similar to a body to body massage – the main difference is that a special type of gel (Nuru gel) is being used.

Such a Nuru massage is usually performfed by a naked Thai girl who will first put lube all over your body, then on hers as well and eventually she will press her body against yours to “massage” you.

In that sense, the massage is done using her body – all parts of it 😉

A standard Nuru massage in Bangkok ends just like any other Bangkok massage. You guessed it right: Happy Ending!

What that experience will look like.
Only difference: It’ll be a hot Thai girl lying on top of you!

Nuru Massage Bangkok

A special gel is being used for the massage; it’s not an oil!

Nuru Massage Gel

Nuru Massage Scams

I’ve been to a handful of massage parlors that advertise Nuru massages but don’t actually offer one. You don’t know until it’s too late already … in most cases.

The most common scenario is that in which there is no air mattress, the girl gives you a basic massage with her hands only and then transitions to the happy ending.

Bangkok Scam Massage

The happy ending – as the name suggests – is supposed to conclude the massage.

If you notice the girl is making advances towards sex or grabs a condom – and she hasn’t used her naked body to slide all over your – then you know the real Nuru massage hasn’t taken place yet.

In such a case, either confront her directly or end the whole thing and talk to the mamasan/person in charge of the massage parlor.

You might also end up at a massage place that lists various massages as a cover up only and is really nothing more than a brothel.

If you’re not in the known, you might feel ripped off/scammed while those that go there frequently know that it’s happy endings only what on offer.

One such place would be Snow White Massage in Bangkok (Soi 26).

Snow White Massage Bangkok

The only way you’re able to avoid such places is by reading Nuru massage reviews – and not just one or two but ideally a handful because people’s experiences can vary greatly.

The larger the sample size, the better!

Nuru Massages in Bangkok

Now that you know what to expect, what to avoid, you might be looking for Nuru massage recommendations in Bangkok.

Look no further, here’s a list of great massage parlors you can check out during your Bangkok trip.

In general, there are 2 types of massages:

  • Outcall = Massage in your condo/hotel.
  • Incall = Massage at the massage parlor.

Outcall will always be more expensive as the girl has to travel, plus it takes more time.

Most Bangkok massage parlors offer outcall, however, if you’re a newbie I recommend visiting the massage parlor as you have more girls to choose from and are able to see what they look like in person vs. (photoshopped) pictures.

The main areas in which you’ll find such massage parlors are Suhkumvit & Huay Kwang. Sukhumvit is home to smaller massage shops whereas you’ll find mostly massive massage complexes in Huay Kwang.

By no means do you have to limit yourself to my recommendations.

However, keep in mind that there are hundreds of massage parlors in Bangkok (new ones open every week), so using trial & error to find the good ones – you’ll waste lot of time & money in the process.

Certainly not the best approach if you’re in Bangkok for a limited time only.

Sukhumvit Nuru Massages

Annies Massage

One of the most well-known massage parlors in all of Bangkok. It’s located right in the heart of the Nana Red Light District and can be accessed via the parking lot.

Annies Massage Bangkok

In my opinion, the girls there aren’t the absolute best looking massage girls but they for sure know what they are doing.

It’s a great place if you care mostly about the quality of the massage and looks isn’t your number one priority.

Chrome Bar

Chrome Bar’s original name was Dr BJ’s Nuru and it’s located on the infamous Soi BJ (you can guess what the BJ stands for).

That’s Sukhumvit Soi 7/1 – a small little side street in between Soi Cowboy and Nana.

Dr BJ Nuru Bangkok

This massage parlor is open daily and I have always had a good experience there. As you walk into this sidestreet, you will see some girls sitting at the outside area of Chrome Bar.

Most likely, they’ll great you and ask you to come inside 🙂

Chrome Bar Bangkok

Prices for Nuru massages in Bangkok don’t fluctuate much – Chrome Bar charges a 2,000 Baht flat fee and that’s the case for most other massage parlors.

You’re able to upgrade to a better room but in my experience the regular room you get is good enough.

Again, no stunners here but the girls have the experience. If all you care is looks then I’d recommend you check out the bigger massage parlors in the Huay Kwang area of Bangkok (see below).

MITU Massage Bangkok

MITU Bangkok is a massage parlor that offers a range of full service massages – including Nuru massages! I’ve only been there twice and was happy with both the massage and looks of the girl.

The girl I picked was still fairly young for a massage girl (23), spoke decent English and had the following features (if I recall correctly): large silicon boobs, big butt, tanned skin.

The massage shop is fairly small in size (certainly not a massage parlor based on size) but has nice interior. The lobby looks high-end and so do the rooms, most of which look fairly new.

That’s in contrast to the run-down rooms you’d find at most other massage parlors. Bonus: Free drink included with the massage!

Dream Heaven Massage

This one is located on Soi 33 and it happens to be one of the first massage parlors I’ve ever been to. The massage girls there are really young – that’s good news if you’re after “fresh meat” and value good looks but in terms of actual massage experience some of the girls are lacking.

Dream Heaven Massage Bangkok

The standard 60 minute Nuru package is 2,100 Baht – for an additional 600 Baht, you can go for another hour.

If you’ve never tried such a massage before, I advise you to opt for the cheapest/shortest massage package.

Dream Heaven Massage Rooms

The massage rooms at Dream Heaven are pretty nice – most have a large bathtub and double bed in them. Oh, and the air mattress for the Nuru massage of course.

That’s always good to see that there – that way you know they offer the real deal not just some low quality version of the original Nuru massage performed on a regular bed.

Cherry Massage Bangkok

Standard massage parlor with a range of massage girls – young, mature, thin, thick … you have more than a dozen girls to choose from at any given time.

Open daily but unlike other massage places in Bangkok, Cherry Massage does have special offers from time to time.

Cherry Massage Bangkok

For example, there’s the “Rainy Season Special” which entails a 2 hours outcall massage (that means at your place) for 2,700 Baht.

Not all of the girls are shown on their website, but it’s wise to visit their page occasionally, especially if you’re looking for such a special massage offer.

Nyan Nyan Nuru massage

If you’re looking for another massage parlor that is within walking distance to Dream Heaven Massage, then Nyan Nyan is a good option.

It’s situated on Sukhumvit Soi 33 and more geared towards Japanese customers (as you can see on the sign) but Westeners are certainly welcome as well.

Nyan Nyan Nuru Massage Bangkok

The protocol is similar to most other places: Once you enter Nyan Nyan, you are greeted by the mamasan, offered a seat and get a book that contains pictures of all the girls.

If you feel like looking at the pictures isn’t enough, you can also ask for the massage girls to be lined up in front of you. Usually, they rest in a room nearby …

The 1.5 hour Nuru massage is 2,500 Baht and quality is on par with other Bangkok Nuru massages places.

Nyan Nyan Nuru Massage

Nyan Nyan massage specifically mentions Nuru on their signage but if you’re not sure what massages are on offer, it’s always best to ask – rather than not go in at all.

The great thing about this place is it’s location – Soi 33. If you don’t like what you see, you can choose from one of the many Nuru massage shops nearby.

Soi 33 is literally packed with massage parlors and unless you go there early in the morning, you’ll always see girls sitting outside ready to lure you inside.

Kiss Bangkok Massage

All of the massage places I’ve mentioned above offer a Nuru Massage, what makes Kiss Bangkok Massage different is their extensive range of massage services – including a handful of very specialized massages:

  • Erotic Lingam Massage
  • Sensual Yoni Massage
  • Erotic Bathing & Soapy Massage
  • Four Hands Massage (= 2 Massage Girls)
  • Role Play & Kinky Massage

This massage shop is run by the same people that own Honey Bee Massage and both shops are in proximity.

Kiss Bangkok Massage

If you’re in the area anyway, you can check out both to see which one (e.g. girls) you prefer. The regular incall Nuru massage will cost you 2,000 Baht for 60 minutes.

Cheapest Nuru Massage in Bangkok …

… that would be Honey Bee Massage on Sukhumvit Soi 22. The are currently running an incall promotion during which you can get a 1 hour Nuru massage for 1,500 Baht.

Honey Bee Massage Bangkok

Almost all of their massage girls are very young (18-25). Definitely worth a short if you’re on a budget or in the area already.

Nuru massage in Huay Kwang

Poseidon Entertainment Complex

Absolutely massive soapy massage parlor. The picture below, that’s not a hotel or apartment complex … that’s the massage parlor.

Hundreds of girls to choose from every single night. I recommend you check out this place because nowhere else in the world will you have the chance to visit a massage parlor of this size!

Poseidon Massage Bangkok

La Belle Massage Bangkok

La Belle is probably not the massage parlor you’ll end up visiting as a first time visitor to Bangkok. It’s far from the tourist hotspots (Soi Cowboy, Nana) and mostly geared towards Asian customers & Thai businessmen.

You can go there by getting a taxi/motobike taxi or simply taking the MRT to MRT Phethaburi. From that MRT station, La Belle is less than 10 minutes walking distance.

la belle bangkok

The Lord Massage Bangkok

Very much identical to Poseidon in that it’s a massive massage complex, large number of girls to choose from and overall quite the experience.

Oh, and both places are within walking distance! You can get there by taxi or simply take the MRT and exit at the MRT Huay Kwang stop.

The Lord Massage Bangkok

Nataree Massage Bangkok

This used to be a very popular soapy massage parlor in the Huay Kwang area of Bangkok. It was hard to miss the brightly light sign of Nataree Massage …

I went there a handful of times and was always impressed by the sheer quantity of available girls.

There must’ve been at least 100 girls sitting in the lobby when I walked in, which can be an overwhelming experience for a newbie.

Nataree Massage Bangkok

I said “was” because Nataree used to be a great soapy massage place until this happened …

Nataree Massage Raid

In 2016, the place was raided by both local police and Royal Thai Army and has been closed ever since. I know a guy that went there the night before the raid.

Not sure what would’ve happened to him but my guess is that unlike what you might think, he would not haven been in trouble.

Police & Thai Army are looking to crack down on illegal/underage workers – not single men having fun.

Nataree Bangkok Police

The Nataree massage raid was an interesting case. Some of the massage girls were actually underage, some were illegal workers from neighboring countries.

Underage girls are of course not allowed to work in the industry and every massage parlor will tell you that all of their girls are above the age of 18.

I wouldn’t rely on the statement of a massage shop owner trying to make money. ID’s can easily be faked (see Khaosan Road Fake IDs) – if a girl looks really, really young … just pick another girl.

Colonze 2 Massage (re-opened as Ocean)

Not recommended! Colonze 2 used to be a big soapy massage complex in Bangkok, was raided, then re-opened under it’s current name “Ocean” but still doesn’t live up to previous standards in terms of both quality and quantity of the girls.

See for yourself if you don’t believe me. In any case, there are many alternatives closeby!

Colonze 2 Massage Bangkok

The inside of Colonze 2/Ocean looks similar to the setup in Nataree in that there’s no fishbowl, only a lobby that you walk into and that’s where all the girls sit and smile/wave at you.

You will have a papasan come up to you and ask what kind of girl you’re looking for or how much you’re willing to spend.

Nuru Masssage Bangkok FAQs

Can I have a Nuru massage in my hotel/condo?

Yes, for sure. That service is called outcall and will cost you more than if you were to do the massage at the massage parlor.

To be honest, I don’t recommend this approach as in most cases it will require a bit of additional work – the girl will need to bring a plastic mattress, make sure your entire bed is covered, plus you’ll have to be careful not to drop any of the gel outside of the covered area.

Not the best set up to fully relax and let your mind go blank …

Should I tip the massage girl?

Tipping in Thailand (in regards to massages) is entirely optional. If you had a great experience and would like to see the girl again, then a tip will certainly be appreciated and make you stand out.

2-400 Baht would be the minimum; I personally tend to give the girl 500 Baht if the massage was superior, meaning if I felt that she went above and beyond the standard service.

It’s important to clarify what’s included in the Nuru massage in order to avoid disappointments.

The massage itself will usually last 1 hour and includes 1 shot. If you want more, then that would be something you negotiate directly with the girl once you’re in the room.

The additional “fee” would be paid directly to the massage girl (as opposed to her boss).

The Nuru massage price is usually a fixed price that includes the girl, the actual massage and the happy ending.

Unlike beer/gogo bars, there is no such thing as a barfine for massage and neither do you have to pay for ladydrinks.

Do normal massage shops/parlors offer Nuru massages?

No and that’s because Nuru is a special body to body massage that only specialized massage parlors offer – in combination with happy ending/oral services.

Professional massage parlors don’t offer happy endings and other “normal” Thai massage shops limit their services to oil/foot/back/hand massages.

Does every Nuru massage have a happy ending?

Most do because that’s what customers going for such an experience want.

However, you’re not required to go through the happy ending and should you want to get the massage “only”, or a hand job or blow job – then that’s possible as well.

The best course of action would be to discuss what you want with the girl and/or mamasan before you pay for the service.

Are the massage girls skilled?

It really depends. As I’ve mentioned above some of the massage parlors/shops have really young teen girls; some of which are brand new to the pay for play scene.

If you pick a really young girl, be aware that she might be inexperienced.

If you’re looking for the best massage experience, it’s usually better to go for older girls as they tend to have more experience.

Think girls between 28-35. Again, looks is one things but it doesn’t necessarily mean a good looking girl will yield a better massage experience.

Do Bangkok escorts offer Nuru massages?

Yes, most do. Two examples would be Pure Bangkok Escorts and Absolute Angels Bangkok.

Most Escort agencies in Bangkok have the same girls on offer and have different names/websites for marketing purposes only.

I’m not a big fan of hiring girls based on pictures (via Escort websites/apps) as I value looks a lot and most pictures online are heavily photoshopped.

Some of Bangkok’s escort agencies have videos of the girls on their websites which in my opinion are more trustworthy than pictures alone.

Can women get these massages?

Short answer: Yes! Not all of the massage places in Bangkok specialize in servicing women/couples. Some might be willing to massage women as well but I recommend going to a place such as Kiss Bangkok Massage that specifically offer massages for women.

There’s no difference in pricing; if you want a Nuru or Soapy massage, you’ll still have to pay 2,200 Baht for an hour (unless they’re doing a promotion).

In regards to Nuru massages for couples, the same applies. Go to a place that lists couple massages, that way you know they have experience and don’t just take your money and perform a regular massage.

Do Thai bar girls offer Nuru massages?

Some might but beer bars are not the place to look for massages – that’s what massage parlors are for. Thai bar girls know how to entertain customers and have sex. That’s about it.

They are not trained to give even basic massages so unless you don’t care about the quality of the mostly massage, pick a real massage girl.